The Jax Wox power system was designed to accommodate both data and power cabling in individual channels. This clip-in system allows for easy access and installation of electrical and data cables between work stations.

From Manufacturing, Retailing, Space Planning to Demountable Walling we offer these services and more within the agreed budget and deadline as per our clients specifications.


DEMOUNTABLE WALLING: Jax Wox Demountable Walling solutions are professionally developed for an ever changing office environment, we offer various different options tailor made to customer requirements and spaces.

SPACE PLANNING: We offer professional space planning to ensure your environments are enhanced and maximized for your customers.

MANUFACTURER: Proudly 100% local, our products are custom made to our client’s specifications.

RETAILER: As a company we believe in manufacturing affordable solutions.

DELIVERY: Our teams are well trained and are focused on quality from beginning to end ensuring the deadlines are met within the time frame.


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